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School Curriculum

Sports Premium

School Sports Grant.

In 2016-17 the school received £8400 in sports premium.

In 2017-18 the school received £16448 in sports premium.

In 2018-19 the school received £16169 in sports premium

In 2019-20 the school received £16,840 in sport premium

The school employs a specialist teacher one day a week to provide good quality P.E.teaching across the school.

Impact of a specialist P.E teacher using the P.E and Sport Premium

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles.

Before and after school clubs have extended the amount of physical activity offered to pupils. During playtime and lunch time pupils are more active due to the pupils gaining more ideas through P.E lessons that can be transferred.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.

Having a specialist P.E teacher has allowed the pupils to compete in a variety of inter-school tournaments, allowing through team-work and co-operation to develop mutual respect.

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

Has enabled continued Professional Development for teachers and support staff by Specialist teacher attending training and cascading to school staff. All staff feel more confident to deliver good quality PE lessons. They have developed new skills and techniques. Pupils have gained new skills and experiences.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils

Having a specialist teacher has enabled the pupils to experience a wide range of activities that they may not have otherwise been exposed to for example.

Increased participation in competitive sport.

A balanced and varied fixtures calendar amongst the Waveney valley schools and the wider Trust.  This has enabled pupils to experience team work, competition and sportsmanship. Within the school P.E all pupils throughout the key stages take part in competitive sport.



Ilketshall Sports Premium 2019-20 – with review

Vision & Values
We aim to provide a broad, balanced topic based curriculum supported by a range of trips, visits and visitors to enhance the experiences our children have here.

We have developed a supportive atmosphere with a family feel, where all children are encouraged to achieve the best they can within their capabilities.

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