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Job descriptions

Responsible for:

  • the effective and efficient running of the committee, ensuring tasks are done or delegated.
  • Planning and chairing meetings
  • with the Committee members planning and organising a range of fundraising and social events
  • liaising with Head teacher/school re the spending of funds
  • with secretary, ensuring regular information goes to all parents.
  • endeavouring to gain active support from a large number of parents and teachers for “friends” activities and events.
  • provision of annual report

“Vice Chairperson”
Responsible for:

  • sharing of responsibilities with the Chairperson
  • Chairing meetings in the absence of the Chairperson

Responsible for:

  • all financial aspects of the “friends” including
  • provision of financial reports and accounts
  • provision of floats for activities
  • money counting, payment against receipts and banking after activities
  • ensuring bank account management
  • paying money out to school as agreed by committee

Responsible for:

  • ensuring regular information goes out to members (all parents)
  • writing and distributing minutes of meetings
  • events posters

“Fundraising Co-ordinator”
Responsible for:

  • research possible new fundraising ideas
  • researching and applying for grants
  • sending letters to local businesses requesting donations for the summer and winter draw.
Vision & Values
We aim to provide a broad, balanced topic based curriculum supported by a range of trips, visits and visitors to enhance the experiences our children have here.

We have developed a supportive atmosphere with a family feel, where all children are encouraged to achieve the best they can within their capabilities.

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